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If you hadn’t already noticed the past two seasons, there’s an interesting mix of retro inspirations flooding the runway. For Spring 2015 particularly, designers are drawing inspirations from all corners of the decades, ranging from the fifties to the nineties. On the one hand there are strong nineties influences with masculine, oversized, minimalist silhouettes. At the other end of the spectrum are ultra feminine fifties-inspired ensembles with nipped-in waists, pencil and voluminous skirts. Most of them executed in pretty pastels. Then add some sixties mod-style in the mix with graphic prints, gingham fabrics, capes and leather. And last but not least, throw in a pinch of seventies boho chic-spice and it’s enough to make a head spinning concoction of fashion-influences!


It isn’t really a big surprise, but fashion and interior design trends are always influencing eachother. The last few years, the fifties trend has also been a big hit in interior design. Pastels, grays, copper, marble and retro-inspired designs are booming. All infused with that typically Scandinavian inspired minimalism. A big trend in both worlds is marble. Usually when it comes to fashion and interior design trends, it’s a bit of the chicken or the egg-dilemma, but the marble trend actually appeared first at Jill Sander’s A/W 2008 menswear collection. Soon other labels such as Balenciaga, Kenzo and Philip Lim followed suit. But marble really had its big breakthrough in fashion when it also became the next big thing in interior design early 2013. Danish brands like Bloomingville and Ferm Living took the lead and added some chic marble elements to their collections. So with the marble trend inspiring the fashion and interior design world, I hoped to see marble already making its way into jewelry territory. But alas, my expectation was met with deafening silence. Yeah sure, a few bits and pieces, but nothing earth-shattering to really get exited about. Enter LUV AJ!



Okay, okay, these LUV AJ earrings are not exactly marble earrings, but they’re marbleish! They’re made from sterling silver and howlite, a borate mineral with, in this case, a marble look. I couldn’t really decide which one to pick, so I narrowed it down to two and eventually picked both. Besides, I’ve got a promise to fulfill, remember? Underpromise and overdeliver, that’s my motto! LUV AJ has been a favorite designer of mine for quite some time now. For years to be exact. Her new Lovestoned S/S 2015 collection is the perfect excuse (like I need one ;-) ) to feature her jewelry. The lookbook is equally gorgeous.

As fashion and interior design continue to influence eachother, I hope not ALL interior designs make a comeback though. I love the nineties, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for nineties-inspired inflatable furniture. Ugh! ;-)



 Credit all images: LUV AJ. Earrings available at LUV AJ.

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Curated – Monique Péan earrings

Monique Péan earrings

I remember when I first started this series, that I also wanted to focus on affordable jewelry. Somehow, that resolution got lost along the way.  The more jewelry I saw, the more infatuated I got. I went from “Yay I can do this!” to “uh-oh” along the way, and ended up with “affordable, schmordable, who cares?” “So, does this change the jewelry you pick?” you might ask. *Pretending politely to think this over*. Mmm, nope! Well, not entirely. I still going to pick the jewelry I love. How could I not? I’m not a snob, really I’m not! It’s just that, when picking jewelry for the Curated series, affordability isn’t exactly at the top of the list… It has to be gorgeous first and if it happens to be affordable, that’s a plus! But I already chose a more affordable piece for the next Curated installment. See, I’m meeting you halfway aren’t I? Cut my jewelry-obessed heart some slack! ;-)

For this edition of Curated, I’ve chose these beautiful Monique Péan earrings. These white diamond baguette earrings are from her ATELIER collection. Set with white diamond pavé, 18 carat recycled rose gold, 0.75 total (TCW) total carat weight. Available at Monique Péan & Marissa Collections.

Monique Péan donates a portion of her company’s proceeds to charity:water.

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Curated – Sidney Garber bracelets

So I hope the people at Sidney Garber will forgive me for this irreverent remark, but the first time I laid my eyes on Sidney Garber’s bracelets, they reminded me of sleeve garters. It brought back memories of me playing as a child with my mom’s big, geometric clip on earrings and my dad’s tie clips. Yes, it was the eighties, if you hadn’t guessed ;-) . I also played with their sleeve garters, which inevitably always ended up with the hairs on my arm getting caught. Well, I’m not exactly sure if these gorgeous bracelets work with the same mechanism as the sleeve garters. I would have to study them up-close just to be sure. Purely for educational purposes of course ;-) . But even if they do, I’m more than willing to lose a few hairs in order to wear these stunning bracelets. Heck, I’m willing to go bald for all I care, if I could just wear these bracelets. They are that stunning!

Sidney Garber Iconic Rolling Bracelets are:

  • available in 18 kt yellow, white and rose gold
  • set consists of three, intertwined omega chain bracelets
  • bracelets come in 7, 9 or 12 mm strand sizes
  • available at Barneys &  Just on eye
  • Also check out their instagram account. Not only for the Sidney Garber bracelets, but also their other droolworthy jewelry!
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Curated – Stella & Dot Geometric Jewelry


Stella & Dot Geometric Pavé Necklace


After the last couple of Curated posts I craved for some sweet and delicate jewelry. Not to mention affordable! ;-) This piece of jewelry ticks a lot of jewelry trend boxes. It’s delicate but not boring, check, geometric jewelry, check, layering jewelry, check. I posted the silver version, but it’s also available in a gold look, so that’s another jewelry trend box checked!

The three strands can be worn together as one necklace, or unclasped and worn as separate pieces. Available in gold and silver in micro-pavé.

All that for a really affordable price at Stella & Dot. While I’m at it, I also like this one.


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Curated – Anita Ko Tri-Point Diamond Ring


anita ko 6



If there is such a thing as love at first sight when it comes to jewelry, then this must be it. I’ve been stalking this ring for quite some time now and it’s still at the top of my jewelry wish list. Unfortunately for me, my undying love remains unanswered because it still hasn’t magically landed in my jewelry box!

Another favorite of mine is one of her most loved pieces. It’s the leaf ring and it’s popularity really made clear to me that the baguette cut, one of my favorite cuts, has finally made a come back. Still, as much as I love other pieces from Anita Ko’s beautiful jewelry collections, this tri-point ring is the one, the primus inter pares, the one ring to rule them all, the… all right now, back to reality! ;-)

This ring is available in yellow, rose and white gold and available at or Anita Ko’s own website.

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Curated – Sculptural angel wings ring by Cristina Ortiz

cristina ortiz 22222222222

Once and a while, you happen to find jewelry that captures a certain pure, feminine and romantic lightness and combines it with a dark, masculine almost armour-like feel. Shaun Leane knows how to capture this style, his colleague Stephen Webster has the same knack for dark romanticism. Now we can add another designer to the list, jewelry designer Cristina Ortiz.

Spanish born Cristina Ortiz has an extensive design background (Prada, Ferragamo, Maison Lanvin) and decided to take the plunge and start her eponymous jewelry line. Her first collection is inspired by angel wings. The first thing that popped up in my head when I saw Cristina Ortiz’s jewelry is “Goddess jewelry”. It is something a goddess would befit. Seriously, in my next life I want to reincarnate as a goddess, for the simple reason I would get to wear this jewelry. Forget superpowers and fighting for world peace, this jewelry would be the sole reason ;-)

This handmade rose gold ring is set with 0.80 carats of pavé set diamonds. Available at

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Curated – MUNNU The Gem Palace Moonstone earrings

“If I were a rich ma… uh woman. Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum”. This song popped up in my head when I saw the price tag of these gorgeous earrings. This kind of money is peanuts for a true rich girl, but to me, it’s a few months worth of mortgage payments and groceries. Mmm, sparkly earrings or food on the table? Decisions, decisions ;-) .

In terms of quality and craftmanship they are worth every penny though. Especially if they are made by MUNNU The Gem Palace
who are renowned for their exquisite craftmanship. They created these earrings in the traditional Kundan technique. The result are these stunning three-tiered, matte 22 karat gold earrings. In true Jaipur style, the jewelry design let’s the gems do all the talking. They were set with one of my favorite gemstones, 31.60 carats of moonstones. The pictures really do not do it justice. If you really want to see these earrings in its full glory, check out the video accompanying the product page. Absolutely mesmerizing! Available at Net-a-Porter.

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Curated – Gayla ear jacket by Dannijo




Every now and then, I want to post one single piece of beautiful jewelry, and what better way to start than with this stunning ear jacket by Dannijo? This ear jacket combines everything I look for in jewelry: originality, sexiness and a bit of edge combined with pure class. Not only is it all that, it’s also versatile. It’s hard to tell by just looking at the image, but this ear jacket actually consists of three separate pieces and you can combine the jacket piece with a random stud earring. How cool is that?

The Gayla ear jacket, silverplated with swarovski stones, is available at Dannijo.


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