Instagram = Instaglam – Edition II


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Choosing which jewelry is going to make the Instagram cut, always hurts a little bit. It’s always a case of kill your darlings. I guess I’ll have to make another one. Bummer ;-) .


  1. Jacquie Aiche jewelry on Jacquie Aiche Instagram.
  2. Just a pretty image on the Instagram of jewelry designer Anna Sheffield.
  3. I never get tired of Jacquie Aiche’s unique brand of sensual, bohemian jewelry. Jacquie Aiche jewelry on Jacquie Aiche Instagram.
  4. Andrea Fohrman’s jewelry on the Ylang23 Instagram account. A very pretty malachite and diamond necklace and one of Fohrman’s signature rainbow necklaces.
  5. You may know Nak Armstrong from the former CFDA award winning design duo Athony Nak, but in 2010 they went their separate ways and Nak Amstrong started his own jewelry label. Well if he continues to design this kind of jewelry I’m certainly not complaining! It’s bold and unique. Nak Armstrong on Nak Armstrong Instagram. Via Ylang23.
  6. Another pretty image, this time by jewelry designer Shawn Ames on her instagram account. Let’s be honest here, I used this image to give the collage a bit of visual oomph, but that’s no reason to not check out her jewelry ;-) . It’s gorgeous!
  7. AgainAndrea Fohrman’s jewelry. Three rings in kyanite, chrysocolla and black and white diamonds.
  8. A regram on Samantha Wills instagram account of her stunning Out of the Dark Collar necklace and the Bohemian Bardot ring. Via Samantha Wills & Zambezee boutiques.
  9. Suzanne Kalan designs stunning jewelry, but my absolute favorite collection has to be the Vitrine collection, showcased by the two bottom rings. The Vitrine collection put her name on the map and to this day, it’s still one of her best selling collections. Check out her instagram.
  10. A pretty close-up of the mineral dioptase. Via fiveofhearts_rockhound.
  11. A sweet image of the instagram account of jewelry boutique Broken English Jewelry.
  12. Gold rings from the LUV AJ X Jewel Mint collection. Via LUV AJ’s instagram.
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Instagram = Instaglam – Weekly Instagram Inspiration



Another update of some truly great instagram jewelry images.

Credits images, clockwise:


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