anita ko 6



If there is such a thing as love at first sight when it comes to jewelry, then this must be it. I’ve been stalking this ring for quite some time now and it’s still at the top of my jewelry wish list. Unfortunately for me, my undying love remains unanswered because it still hasn’t magically landed in my jewelry box!

Another favorite of mine is one of her most loved pieces. It’s the leaf ring and it’s popularity really made clear to me that the baguette cut, one of my favorite cuts, has finally made a come back. Still, as much as I love other pieces from Anita Ko’s beautiful jewelry collections, this tri-point ring is the one, the primus inter pares, the one ring to rule them all, the… all right now, back to reality! ;-)

This ring is available in yellow, rose and white gold and available at or Anita Ko’s own website.