Gold Philosophy Jewelry

Gold Philopsophy has been taking the fashion blogging community by storm and it’s not hard to see why. One of the biggest jewelry trends at the moment is pearl jewelry with a new, modern twist. With so many  jewelry designers at the moment re-imagining the usually classic pearl jewelry, it’s hard to stand out. But they’re more than succeeding! Their take on pearl jewelry is not only original, it’s also affordable. Plus, they make fashion jewelry really look like chic, quality jewelry which is actually harder than it looks. With these strengths combined, their jewelry label makes a perfect candidate to be worn by fashion bloggers who are always on the lookout for original, affordable and chic pieces. Combine the publicity of fashion blogs with a good use of social media and it’s not exactly rocket science why Gold Philosophy’s jewelry has been popping up everywhere!

gold philosophy jewelry

gold philosophy jewelry

Launched in May 2012 by sisters Ting and Katy Lee, Gold Philosophy operated as a jewelry retailer at first. Only offering only jewelry from other designers. In 2014, they decided to take the plunge and debuted their first jewelry collection. The spring 2014 “Myth” Collection laid the groundwork for their signature aesthetics, but things really took off with their second “DiMare” collection. Their new Spring/Summer 2015 collection (as of yet untitled) is a return to more subtle and delicate pieces compared to their previous bolder collection. In 2012 Katy Lee, while talking about their first initiative, told MOWA that their aesthetics could not be more different: “I love bold, eccentric costume jewelry while my sister leans more towards delicate pieces”. So it seems Ting “won” the latest design-round ;-) . I’m already looking forward to their next collection ^^.

The designers use 18K (yellow, rose or white) gold plated sterling silver for their designs. Set with freshwater cultured pearls and cz diamonds. All three collections are sold online at Gold Philosophy and select retailers.

Rings clockwise: The Tiara Pearl Ring, The Treble Ring, The Twins Pearls Open Ring and the very popular Open Bar Diamond Pearl Ring. Credit all images: Gold Philosophy.

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