So I hope the people at Sidney Garber will forgive me for this irreverent remark, but the first time I laid my eyes on Sidney Garber’s bracelets, they reminded me of sleeve garters. It brought back memories of me playing as a child with my mom’s big, geometric clip on earrings and my dad’s tie clips. Yes, it was the eighties, if you hadn’t guessed ;-) . I also played with their sleeve garters, which inevitably always ended up with the hairs on my arm getting caught. Well, I’m not exactly sure if these gorgeous bracelets work with the same mechanism as the sleeve garters. I would have to study them up-close just to be sure. Purely for educational purposes of course ;-) . But even if they do, I’m more than willing to lose a few hairs in order to wear these stunning bracelets. Heck, I’m willing to go bald for all I care, if I could just wear these bracelets. They are that stunning!

Sidney Garber Iconic Rolling Bracelets are:

  • available in 18 kt yellow, white and rose gold
  • set consists of three, intertwined omega chain bracelets
  • bracelets come in 7, 9 or 12 mm strand sizes
  • available at Barneys &  Just on eye
  • Also check out their instagram account. Not only for the Sidney Garber bracelets, but also their other droolworthy jewelry!