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Jewelry from top to bottom:

I think it goes without saying that this is too much jewelry for one look, let alone the Parisian understated look. Unless, you of course have an affinity for wearing two watches at the same time ;-) . But hey, it’s a collage for a jewelry blog so sue me! ^^

  • Michael Kors – Padlock charm bracelet in rose gold-tone – Available at Michael Kors.
  • Vita Fede – Titan Stone bracelet,  rose gold-plated with rose quartz – Available at
  • Vita Fede – Titan caged pearl bracelet, rose gold-plated with cultured Akoya pearls – Available at
  • Vita Fede – Double Cubo earrings, rose gold-plated with Swarovski crystals – Available at
  • Bering – Ceramic watch in stainless steel, 11435-754. I love this collection of watches; they are so minimalist and chic without being boring. – Available at

The outfit + other accessories:

And the home-accessories are just visual fillers in this case, but if you want to buy them, knock yourself out ;-) .


As promised, this is the second installment in these style series. Today’s inspiration is The City of Style, Paris!

Imagine visiting the most stylish part of New York or LA, seeing a lot of well dressed women pass you by and therefore conclude that every American woman simply must dress equally as stylish. Sounds a bit ridiculous does it not? It just doesn’t work that way (nor does it have to for that matter) and isn’t very realistic. Yet, there is still an overromanticized old world view of supposedly True French Style.The notion that all French women dress well or are somehow less prone to making poor fashion choices, is still a very persistant misconception. If you’re still skeptical, do a google search on “French Style” and be amazed by the amount of hits ;-) .

So without succumbing to preconceived notions, I must admit, that a lot of well dressed Parisian women specifically do have some common style characteristics. Again, certainly not all Parisian women, but there are a few common traits amongst les Parisiennes. So what is the essence of Parisian chic?

Va-va-voom Lingerie

Great lingerie isn’t only about releasing your inner Bardot-esque Goddess, it’s also about giving yourself that extra inch of confidence and celebrating your womanhood. More importanly, it’s about wearing lingerie that performs like your secret bodyshaping armour. To quote the great Christian Dior: “Without proper foundation there can be no fashion”. Parisiennes recognize this fact and know that some good shapewear can truly make or break an outfit. The French are the biggest spenders in Europe per capita in terms of lingerie spending. On average in a year €99.4. And the Parisians specifically account for 20% (!) of national lingerie spending.

In 2006 Roland Mouret designed the ultimate IT dress; the now iconic Galaxy dress. Not only was it his big breakthrough, created huge waiting lists and inspired many knock offs, it also looked sensational on women with totally different body shapes. The secret to its success is actually based on a familiar lingerie technique. The Galaxy has an internal supportive corset-like structure, made of boning combined with an elastic fabric called Powerflex. Even though it’s a dress and not lingerie, this dress and its figure-controlling structure acknowledges the essence of what great lingerie is about: to create the universally appealing and ultra-feminine hour glass figure. Well if the everlasting success of the Galaxy dress is not a testament to the power of great lingerie then I don’t know what is!

Signature style: Classic meets quirky

Parisans stick to a capsule wardrobe of a few staple pieces in classic silhouettes, neutral colors, quality fabrics and an impeccable cut.  Sure, they will add trendy pieces, but without being a slave to trends. Trendy or not, if it doesn’t flatter them or compliment their signature style it’s au revoir trend! Key pieces are the familiar trench coat, the little black dress and a well tailored blazer. All in timeless neutral colors, to allow optimal mix and matching. In a signature classic meets quirky style, they will add a few statement accessories, unexptected textures or juxtapose feminine with masculine pieces to elevate it from ordinary to extraordinary. Furthermore, Parisians obsess over fabric and the perfect cut. Almost every Parisian boutique has a tailor and Parisians are almost willing to sell their newborn in order to obtain the address of a great seamstress.


If there is one art form that the Parisians have elevated to another level, besides making exceptional croissants of course ;-) , then it’s looking purposefully unpolished. It doesn’t matter that they probably spent an hour (or two…) in front of the mirror. The key is to make it look effortless, never over the top and slightly undone. This concept also translates to their beauty routine. A good way to achieve this look is to get a perfect blowout, perfect makeup and perfect nails and then have a round (or two…) of awesome sex. All while listening to  “Je t’aime… mon non plus” of course (duh)! After dressing yourself, walk out the door without giving the mirror another glance. Sounds very practical, non? ^^ If you do not happen to have a hot bedpartner lying around on standby (tsss ;-)), simply give your hair a sexy bed hair toussle. To sum it up; too much frosting makes a cake gross and the Parisians know this. The Parisiennes prefer an understated, natural and nonchalant style over absolute perfectionism.

A multitude of attitudes

The key to Parisian style is confidence. Call it that certain “je ne sais quoi” or knowing what works for you; the Parisians have it in spades. Being prepared to take some risks in the fashion department despite what anyone think definitely helps. I’m not a Parisian, but this is one style element I do possess. I own a pair of neon heeled sandals from ZARA. Some people love them, some people absolutely hate them, but I’m not asking for opinions. I really couldn’t care less about what anyone thinks of my neon killer heels. I dress for myself; not for my man (sorry babe ;-)) , not for my friends or family. And that is what confident dressing is all about; wearing what makes you happy!


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