Curated – Stella & Dot Geometric Jewelry


Stella & Dot Geometric Pavé Necklace


After the last couple of Curated posts I craved for some sweet and delicate jewelry. Not to mention affordable! ;-) This piece of jewelry ticks a lot of jewelry trend boxes. It’s delicate but not boring, check, geometric jewelry, check, layering jewelry, check. I posted the silver version, but it’s also available in a gold look, so that’s another jewelry trend box checked!

The three strands can be worn together as one necklace, or unclasped and worn as separate pieces. Available in gold and silver in micro-pavé.

All that for a really affordable price at Stella & Dot. While I’m at it, I also like this one.


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Instagram = Instaglam – Edition II


collage 2 - kopie


Choosing which jewelry is going to make the Instagram cut, always hurts a little bit. It’s always a case of kill your darlings. I guess I’ll have to make another one. Bummer ;-) .


  1. Jacquie Aiche jewelry on Jacquie Aiche Instagram.
  2. Just a pretty image on the Instagram of jewelry designer Anna Sheffield.
  3. I never get tired of Jacquie Aiche’s unique brand of sensual, bohemian jewelry. Jacquie Aiche jewelry on Jacquie Aiche Instagram.
  4. Andrea Fohrman’s jewelry on the Ylang23 Instagram account. A very pretty malachite and diamond necklace and one of Fohrman’s signature rainbow necklaces.
  5. You may know Nak Armstrong from the former CFDA award winning design duo Athony Nak, but in 2010 they went their separate ways and Nak Amstrong started his own jewelry label. Well if he continues to design this kind of jewelry I’m certainly not complaining! It’s bold and unique. Nak Armstrong on Nak Armstrong Instagram. Via Ylang23.
  6. Another pretty image, this time by jewelry designer Shawn Ames on her instagram account. Let’s be honest here, I used this image to give the collage a bit of visual oomph, but that’s no reason to not check out her jewelry ;-) . It’s gorgeous!
  7. AgainAndrea Fohrman’s jewelry. Three rings in kyanite, chrysocolla and black and white diamonds.
  8. A regram on Samantha Wills instagram account of her stunning Out of the Dark Collar necklace and the Bohemian Bardot ring. Via Samantha Wills & Zambezee boutiques.
  9. Suzanne Kalan designs stunning jewelry, but my absolute favorite collection has to be the Vitrine collection, showcased by the two bottom rings. The Vitrine collection put her name on the map and to this day, it’s still one of her best selling collections. Check out her instagram.
  10. A pretty close-up of the mineral dioptase. Via fiveofhearts_rockhound.
  11. A sweet image of the instagram account of jewelry boutique Broken English Jewelry.
  12. Gold rings from the LUV AJ X Jewel Mint collection. Via LUV AJ’s instagram.
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Jewelry news – Swarovski Shine, Pandora store expansion, Van Cleef & Arpels and kale jewelry!

  • At the CES Technology conference, Swarovski launched their new Swarovski Shine collection. For this specific collection, Swarovski partnered up with known wearable tech company Misfit. With this release, Swarovski combines two big accessory trends; the wearable tech trend and the longer established jewelry customization trend. The collection features an activity tracking crystal (that measures sleep quality, steps, calories burned etc.) and allows you to combine it with their jewelry. The jewelry, bracelets and necklaces, are reinterpretations of well known Swarovski bestsellers (Slake bracelet, Vio pendant) plus pieces specifically designed for the Shine collection. One of the nine compatible pieces would be a sleek sportsband for working out if bling isn’t exactly your thing. You’re then able to sync wirelessly and read your stats by placing your crystal on your smartphone with the accompanying app. Any time of the day a simple tap of the finger will reveal the time and the status of your currenct activity.

Shine differs from other activity trackers in the simple fact that it’s more jewelry design focused compared to other activity trackers. If you wouldn’t happen to know this specific brand of activity tracker, you would just assume it was a beautiful piece of jewelry. APAC product marketing senior vice president Joan Ng explained “Observing the high tech market, we felt the opportunity to inject an esthetic added-value that would turn useful products into on-trend accessories”. Another refreshing difference is the fact that it’s the first activity tracker that doesn’t come in the clichéd colors we associate with sportsbling. I’m a child from the eighties so I love my neons ;-) , but this is a truly refreshing change. But the biggest innovation has to be the solar powered technology behind the activity tracker. Quoting the Misfit blog the collection includes “Two new, fully waterproof wearables: 1) a clear Swarovski Shine with a brilliant crystal face and 2.) a violet Swarovski Shine which uses a patented “energy crystal” technology to power itself. This is the world’s first wireless activity and sleep monitor that utilizes an energy harvesting technology to enable it to never require charging or replacing of batteries. Simply expose the violet Swarovski Shine to light to keep it charged.”

My favorites are the the Cardoon wristband and the pendants. I haven’t personally tested the usability, but if the usability measures up with the design, I’m quite positive Swarovski and Misfit have a hit. In Europe we will have to wait a bit for Swarovski Shine to become available in stores, but in the USA and China it will be available in select stores in late march. It’s available for pre-order and shipping will proceed in march. Prices start at $99. Later this year, the violet solar powered crystal will be released. Don’t forget to check out the video!

  •  Danish jeweller Pandora continues to expand its jewelry chain in Germany by acquiring 78 store lease holds in favourable locations. Since 2011 they’ve been focusing their retail network in Germany more on its branded concept stores instead of selling via jewellery stores. Germany is one of Pandora’s core markets and with this strategic deal they consolidate their position in one of Europe’s biggest jewelry markets (valued at 3,9 billion Euros/4,3 billion US dollars).
  • Van Cleef & Arpels continues to explore the cosmos and released Sparkles of Luck. The microsite allows its visitors to send a new year’s wish written in the stars to their loved ones.  Not only does the site draw attention to the Poetic Astronomy watch collection, it also makes the smart marketing move to interact with its costumers on a personal level. In my opinion, Van Cleef & Arpels’ middle name is Poetic, and this microsite adds a wonderful whimsical and imaginative touch to their brand.
  • khai khai jewelryEvery Dutch person has a special place in its heart for kale but worldwide, kale couldn’t reserve a special place in many hearts. Kale used to be the basic bitch of vegetables but ever since the health food blogging community embraced the brassica cultivar, the superhealthy leafy green has had an image makeover.  If you still doubted its popularity, Beyoncé sealed the deal by wearing the popular Whole Foods Kale sweatshirt in her 7/11 video. It’s no longer a simple vegetable; it has become an icon, a hipster statement and a meme. Move over Dude, there’s a new cult hero in town.

Kale’s popularity inspired not only many kale adepts, some people even went as far as naming their child Kale. The name has actually risen in popularity since 2005. I’ve been munching on kale chips with a passion for quite some time now (some even call it Kale Krack), but I must admit, I can’t really imagine naming my kid Kale. Can you even imagine the same with other vegetables? “Oh Swiss Chard,  come here my daaahling” ;-) . Uh no!

Anyway, I digress, you no longer have to rely on Kale chips or kale sweatshirts to satisfy your kale needs, you can now wear a little kale around your neck. Khai Khai jewelry, a jewelry line founded by Haim Medine (the brother from arm party loving The Man Repeller), now offers this kale necklace. Also check out the Digitally Inspired collection, if you want to score some hash tag earrings. Because you know, you better come  prepared for the next meme dude!



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The Look – A gorgeous dress by Cushnie et Ochs


cushnie et ochs fall 2014


eindlook 3 cushnie et ochs


If there is one current designer label that has a monopoly on va va voom dresses with a signature cool girl edge, it must be Cushnie et Ochs. It’s all too easy when a designer prefers über-feminine, sexy clothing to become stereotypical or downright tacky in terms of style. But with Cushnie et Ochs, a design duo hailing from New York, every look is injected with that confident, cool NY-edge and their clothing line subsequently always feels fresh, modern and never over the top.

Since their spring 2015 collection however, they’ve been trying to expand on their design vocabulary. Don’t worry, they’re not turning their backs on the sexy, they’re just bringing sexy back in new ways. They’re translating it in new silhouettes, materials and details. The Fall 2015 collection still featured a few signature body-con pieces with architectural cutouts, but they’ve evolved their style and added sophisticated knitwear and even some men’s wear inspired details.

Ever since they designed an amazing leather skirt (with a pointed leather hem) a few years ago I’ve been hooked. And this dress is another winner. This black silk draped dress is a bit unusual for Cushnie et Ochs because they’re not exactly known for lace dresses. I styled it with two different jewelry styles; one sleek and sexy, the other sweet and romantic.

On the left from top to bottom:

  1. Kavant and Sharart – Yellow gold and black diamond earring – available at
  2. Kavant and Sharart – Grey diamond ring – available at
  3. Urban expressions – Kym minaudière – available at Nordstrom Rack
  4. Carvela Kurt Geiger – Gemma tassel clutch – available at

On the right from top to bottom:

  1. Elise Dray – Hirondelle earring in black gold and white diamonds – available at Montaigne Market
  2. Mizuki – Black rhodium branch ear cuff – available at
  3. Elise Dray – Feather ear cuff in black gold and black diamonds – available at Montaigne Market
  4. Elise Dray – Plumette ring in black gold, grey diamonds and pearl –  available at Montaigne Market
  5. Shoe Cult – Adore leather sandal – available at Nasty Gal

And the dress :

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Curated – Anita Ko Tri-Point Diamond Ring


anita ko 6



If there is such a thing as love at first sight when it comes to jewelry, then this must be it. I’ve been stalking this ring for quite some time now and it’s still at the top of my jewelry wish list. Unfortunately for me, my undying love remains unanswered because it still hasn’t magically landed in my jewelry box!

Another favorite of mine is one of her most loved pieces. It’s the leaf ring and it’s popularity really made clear to me that the baguette cut, one of my favorite cuts, has finally made a come back. Still, as much as I love other pieces from Anita Ko’s beautiful jewelry collections, this tri-point ring is the one, the primus inter pares, the one ring to rule them all, the… all right now, back to reality! ;-)

This ring is available in yellow, rose and white gold and available at or Anita Ko’s own website.

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The Look fashion set – One dress, two looks

Via - Fashion set The Look

The Look – Fashion Set by Via


From the moment I layed my eyes on this dress, I knew it formed the perfect basis for this post! This dress strikes a perfect balance between romanticism and modernism. The dress, in a soft pink hue, has a romantic vibe, but upon closer inspection the modern construction of the lace gives it a modern feel. Romantic, but not too sugary sweet. Just my thing!

I styled this dress with two different looks. The first is perfect for a work related party or for a woman that prefers a slighty more classic look. The second silvery party look is in keeping with one of the biggest jewelry trends; sophisticated edge. Edgy, but with a delicate, sophisticated quality.

I hope you check out the real thing on Reiss’ website. The image I posted really doesn’t do it justice. And I hope you’ll forgive me for not being very budget-friendly with my first “The Look-post”. I’ll be a good girl next time… I promise ;-) .

Look on the left – from top to bottom:

  1. Meira T – Diamond, mother of pearl, 14k rose gold & sterling silver earrings –
  2. Anne Klein – Rose gold-tone watch and bangle bracelet set – and Lord & Taylor
  3. Anne Klein – Ceramic bangle watch with swarovski crystals –
  4. Monica Vinader – The Alma bracelet in 18k rose gold plated vermeil on sterling silver, set with 0.33 carats of diamonds –
  5. Gianvito Rossi – Plexy pumps in nude suede –

Look on the right – from top to bottom:

  1. Stephen Webster – Pavé drop ear studs from the Magnipheasant collection. 18K White gold, pavé set diamonds and pear shaped diamonds. –
  2. Stephen Webster – Stem bracelet from the Thorn collection. 18 K White gold and diamonds. –
  3. Rauwolf – Constantinople minaudière –
  4. Stuart Weitzman – Nudist sandals – &

And of course the dress:


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Maiko Takeda’s art jewelry

Maiko Takeda Atmospheric Reentry

Maiko Takeda Atmospheric Reentry

Now I don’t want to sound jaded or pretentious, but when you’ve seen the amount of jewelry I have, it is sometimes hard to stumble upon original jewelry. Beautiful jewelry? Yes! In abundance. But truly original? Hardly ever.

I do remember the first time I saw Maiko Takeda’s original jewelry five years ago though. The images of her first collection literally made my jaw drop and until this day it is still one of my favorite jewelry collections ever. Maiko Takeda, a milliner and jewelry designer, draws inspiration from phenomenons such as shadow, wind and gravity and uses it to create sculptural almost ethereal pieces. She is also an admirer of contemporary theatres and performances which explains the theatrical effect of her first collection. She was said to be inspired by “wearing shadows as jewelry”. The photograph-like images were created by meticulously hand drilling countless holes in metal sheets. The results are these mysterious, theatrical shadows on the body that almost look like stills from a great forgotten film noir from the fourties. Just add a fedora, venetian blind shadows and some cigarette smoke and you’re good to go ;-) . Not surprisingly, it was called the “Cinematography collection”.

In the summer of 2013, she presented her second collection, consisting of sculpural pieces covered in acetate spikes. According to an article in Dazed, she was inspired to create pieces that “blurred boundaries to their surrounding environment”. Another inspiration was the futuristic imagery seen in an opera from Philip Glass. When she was invited to display her “Atmospheric Reentry” in the prestigious Joyce Gallery earlier this year, she upped the futuristic ante by adding newly created glow in the dark pieces to the collection. I love the fact that the collection looks futuristic but still looks tactile, almost organic, like newly discovered life forms.

Her collections were not only met with great acclaim, they also opened many doors for her. She was able to work with Björk and designed several headpieces for her Biophilia Tour. She recently returned to her homeland of Japan and is now working as an accessories designer for Issey Miyake.

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Curated – Sculptural angel wings ring by Cristina Ortiz

cristina ortiz 22222222222

Once and a while, you happen to find jewelry that captures a certain pure, feminine and romantic lightness and combines it with a dark, masculine almost armour-like feel. Shaun Leane knows how to capture this style, his colleague Stephen Webster has the same knack for dark romanticism. Now we can add another designer to the list, jewelry designer Cristina Ortiz.

Spanish born Cristina Ortiz has an extensive design background (Prada, Ferragamo, Maison Lanvin) and decided to take the plunge and start her eponymous jewelry line. Her first collection is inspired by angel wings. The first thing that popped up in my head when I saw Cristina Ortiz’s jewelry is “Goddess jewelry”. It is something a goddess would befit. Seriously, in my next life I want to reincarnate as a goddess, for the simple reason I would get to wear this jewelry. Forget superpowers and fighting for world peace, this jewelry would be the sole reason ;-)

This handmade rose gold ring is set with 0.80 carats of pavé set diamonds. Available at

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Trend report: Ear jackets – Business in the front, party in the back

Last week, I picked an earring as part of my Curated series. These type of earrings, called ear jackets are really this year’s biggest jewelry trend. The trend actually started about a year and a half ago, but really began to peak this summer. Delfina Delettrez was one of the first jewelry designers to pick up on this trend and created her now iconic eye earring. Call it copying, call it zeitgeist, the fact remains that that specific design marked the beginning of a totally new chapter in earring anatomy. Even though a lot of ear jackets nowadays do not resemble Delettrez’ surrealistic design in the slightest, that earring showed designers the endless possibilities of an earring with a decorative back. Simply put, the back no longer took a back seat ;-) .

Now I don’t want to conjure up images of a Kentucky waterfall aka a mullet, but these earrings are really business in the front, party in the back ;-) . These front-back earrings are created with adorned backings and let you combine them with every stud possible. There are several known variations: double studs, a stud with a hoop or spikey back or the earring with a stud front and a fan-shaped back curving around the ear lobe. Still, they all have in common that they elevate a normally hidden and boring back to a decorative statement piece. To further enhance costumizing, some have several holes in the backing to allow you to adjust the distance between the earring and ear lobe.

Popular motifs and styles are geometric shapes such as cubes and triangles, tribalesque spikes and more delicate, refined nature inspired motifs. And of course this year’s It jewelry piece, Dior’s “Mise en dior” inspired many pearl adorned ear jackets, if not for the simple fact that pearl jewelry in itself is hot at the moment.

After the ongoing ear cuff trend, which, let’s be honest, is a little bit hipsterized to death, this is really a welcome, new interpretation of the earring.


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Instagram = Instaglam – Weekly Instagram Inspiration



Another update of some truly great instagram jewelry images.

Credits images, clockwise:


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