In the Netherlands, it’s nearly impossible to walk into a interior design shop and not stumble upon dozens of Danish design products. And it seems you can’t really qualify as a fully-fledged Dutch interior blog if you’re not displaying at least one Danish design product. Simply put, Danish design is hot. And as a Danish design lover, I’m certainly not complaining!

Danish jewelry brands however, are less known amongst the general public. Yeah sure, almost everybody knows the iconic Georg Jensen, the famous silversmith and his eponymous jewelry brand. They are usually also familiar with Shamballa jewels, a brand famous for its line of bracelets, if not for the hundreds of knock offs it inspired. But beyond that, people usually look a bit puzzled when you tell them you love Danish jewelry.

Trendy Danish jewelry brands, the brands that I love the most, are often characterized by a love for abstract nature inspired designs, geometric shapes, oxidized silver and a love for minimalist aesthetics. Until a few months ago, Line & Jo certainly fell into that category in terms of design style, but managed to set itself apart from the other Danish jewelry brands with their truly exquisite and original jewelry design. Their well known ear cuffs for example, were on trend, but unlike the dozens of others ear cuffs I had seen. In september of this year they managed to set themselves even more apart with their new collection called “Balloons”. The invitation for the launch of the collection introduced the collection as “A tribute to the fearless and feminine fifties Hollywood stars” and promised a reinvention of pearl jewelry design. Well, they certainly delivered. And it true Line & Jo-style, it’s completely on trend but with an original twist like no other.

The Balloon collection consists of 14 pieces in 14 karat gold with akoya pearls. Available at Line & Jo.

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Line & Jo Balloons Pearl Jewelry Collection